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por Vitor Teodoro - Segunda, 1 Junho 2015, 11:52
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The precarious perched pencil is easy moved by a breeze, a breath, or a vibration. No mystery here. But watch the kids overreact because of the peer situation:

The kids are freaked out. What fun. But what silliness. It’s so easy to fake such movement. This is basically a paper fortune teller. Such divination games are so VERY old, they were banned by the Puritans. Now, all the One Direction/Justin Bieber fans are on board! And, there are the hand-wringers who warn of fooling with the occult, the exact same attitude as those who think the Ouija board opens a portal to hell (also false).

Tip for this story goes to Jeb Card who has never heard of the “Mexican demon” angle (and likely would have if it was real) and suspects (and we agree) that this is a form of “fakelore”. It has no basis in actual folklore from what we can tell. also repeats the story with a bit less drama. This is dated January of this year. It took a few months to catch on and for the videos to go viral.

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